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BetStars is a popular online betting platform that offers a wide variety of sports options for users to bet on, from football to horse racing. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and a range of promotions and bonus offers available for both new and existing users.

One of the strengths of BetStars is its compatibility with mobile devices, allowing users to place bets on the go with ease. The platform also offers a range of payment options, making it convenient for users to make deposits and withdrawals.

Overall, BetStars provides a solid betting experience for its users, with its range of sports options, easy-to-use interface, and generous promotions earning it a solid reputation in the online betting community.

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    • This offer only applies to your first ever sports bet with BetStars.
    • The minimum stake to qualify is £20.
    • This offer only applies to bets placed on selections with accumulated odds of 2.0 (evens) or greater.

How to Make Money with BetStars Bonus Offers

Matched betting is a popular technique used by many online bettors to make a guaranteed profit from bonus offers provided by betting platforms. It involves placing a bet on a specific outcome, then using a free bet offered by the platform to lay a bet against the original outcome.

By laying a bet against the original outcome, the bettor ensures a profit regardless of the outcome of the event. This technique can be used with BetStars bonus offers to make a guaranteed profit from their promotions.


The first step in matched betting with BetStars is to register an account on their platform. This can be done by filling out the registration form on their website, providing your personal details, and choosing a payment method.


Once you have registered an account, the next step is to find a qualifying bet. This refers to a bet that will allow you to claim the free bet offered by BetStars. The qualifying bet must be placed with your own money and must satisfy the requirements stated by the platform.


After finding a qualifying bet, it’s time to place your bets. As mentioned earlier, the first bet is with your own money, while the second bet is with the free bet offered by BetStars. By laying the second bet against the original outcome, you can guarantee a profit regardless of the result.


Once you have claimed your free bet, it’s important to use it wisely. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the offer to ensure that you are using the free bet in a way that maximizes your potential profits.

BetStars Sign-Up Bonus: Maximizing Your Returns

As a new user on BetStars, you can take advantage of their sign-up bonus to increase your potential profits. The sign-up bonus is typically in the form of a free bet or a deposit bonus, depending on the current promotion offered by the platform.

To maximize your returns, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of the sign-up bonus and use it in a way that is consistent with your matched betting strategy. Be sure to take advantage of any additional promotions offered by BetStars to further increase your potential profits.

How to Stay Ahead of the Game and Boost Your Payouts

BetStars offers in-play betting, allowing users to place bets on ongoing events in real time. This feature can be used to maximize your potential profits by staying ahead of the game and taking advantage of changing odds.

It’s important to do your research before placing an in-play bet, paying attention to the current state of the event and any potential influencers on the outcome. By staying ahead of the game and taking calculated risks, in-play betting can be a great way to boost your payouts.

BetStars Mobile App

BetStars offers a mobile app that allows users to place bets on the go with ease and security. The app has an intuitive interface and offers all of the features of the desktop version of the platform.

Using the BetStars mobile app, you can place bets on your favorite sports from anywhere at any time, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to maximize your potential profits.

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Overall, BetStars is a solid online betting platform that offers a range of sports options and generous promotions for users. By utilizing matched betting techniques and taking advantage of their sign-up bonus and in-play betting features, you can maximize your potential profits and have a great betting experience with BetStars.

We estimate that you can make around £15 profit from this offer

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